In 1999, the City of Beaverton informed Beaverton Foods that a new road was to be built that would run through its plant – which included the same farmhouse in which Rose started the R & L Horseradish company 70 years earlier. Her son, Geno, built 7 additions to that farmhouse over a 60 year period and was running out of space to expand the business. At 72 years old, he had to decide whether or not to build a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant or sell his family-owned business. As always, he chose to innovate. The city tried to relocate the farmhouse, which was deemed a “historical landmark” – but could not find a new place for the historic home. It was soon demolished and replaced with the new road.

In 1929 Rose Biggi began Beaverton Foods by bottling horseradish in the cellar of her farmhouse to help her family endure the Great Depression. Such humble beginnings have given way to America's favorite specialty condiment company.

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