Since 1929, you would be hard-pressed to find a day there wasn’t one Biggi or another at Beaverton Foods. Rose passed ownership of the company to her son, Geno, who hoped to have the opportunity to pass it to his son – and then on to future generations. In 2012, Geno did just that by making his son, Domonic Biggi, CEO of Beaverton Foods and initiating the third generation of the company. Geno’s grandson, Jeff Biggi, has since become Executive Vice President – and the 4th generation of Biggi to work at Beaverton Foods. The two of them hope to make their family proud and continue developing unique flavors that will hopefully one day become “winners” – in the words of Geno. But don’t worry – you’ll still find Geno around the plant. At over 90 years old he’s still working on formulas as the master innovator he is!

In 1929 Rose Biggi began Beaverton Foods by bottling horseradish in the cellar of her farmhouse to help her family endure the Great Depression. Such humble beginnings have given way to America's favorite specialty condiment company.

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